About Ignition Pictures

About Ignition Pictures

Ignition Pictures is an independent production company that focuses on bringing unique, visually stunning and highly engaging films to life on screen. Regardless of the complexity of the filmmaking itself, at the heart of every film we make is a highly developed script with a strong story that audiences can connect with.

We use only the best gear when shooting our films, striving for the utmost production value through equipment and professionals who are masters of their art, to ensure our stories are told with vivid passion and filmmaking excellence.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – a hub of artistic creativity in Australia – each film we green light provides an opportunity to engage the talents of local artisans across all disciplines in filmmaking, providing opportunities for them to showcase their talents on stories that are both challenging and engaging.

With each production we also look for opportunities to co-educate up and coming talent, giving placement to film school individuals alongside film industry professionals. These opportunities allow talented individuals the chance to learn from professionals, to network, and gives them a pathway by which they can further their education and embark upon their professional career.

Filmmaking is a truly collaborative effort, and it’s collaboration that excites us the most. Apart from in-house driven productions, we also offer co-production opportunities to assist other independent filmmakers in realising their dreams.