• Roller Derby Promo Clip

    Roller Derby Promo Clip

    Celebrating the strength, agility and tenacity of Roller Derby athletes everywhere, we proudly present this promotional clip shot and funded by us to support these amazing women.

  • Slider Wireless Camera Kit Hire

    Wireless Monitoring and Follow Focus Kits

    Free your camera and liberate your 1st AC and Director with our wireless monitoring and follow focus kits for hire. Featuring industry-leading Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 and RT Motion MK3.1 kits.

  • Mr. Stowlicker (Short Film)

    Mr. Stowlicker’s life of pragmatic predictability unravels with the unexplained arrival of simple plastic balls – an echo from his past – short circuiting his meticulously planned existence.


Ignition Pictures

Ignition Pictures is an independent production company that focuses on bringing unique, visually stunning and highly engaging films to life on screen. Regardless of the complexity of the filmmaking itself, at the heart of every film we make is a highly developed script with a strong story that audiences connect with.


We provide a range of film production services ranging from crew and talent sourcing, script development, finance support and post-production services. Our fully insured aerial cinematography services deliver stunning RED Weapon 6K raw footage and include CASA certified pilots with extensive DoP experience and ground support technicians to liaise with your production and data/workflow management.


Fuel your own production ambitions with advanced RED Weapon 6K camera kits, long range wireless monitoring and follow focus solutions, light weight camera support and production accessories.